Friday, March 16, 2012

Who's near you?

The following reenactment groups have agreed to be published here as contacts for prospective Persian empire reenactors.  More groups will be posted as I'm able to get in contact with them.  If you know of one that's not listed here, there's rarely any harm in asking them if they'll take you on.

Ancient Hoplitikon
Melbourne, Australia

Toronto, Canada
Hoplologia has members across eastern North America.  It's led by Christian Cameron, one of the chief organizers of Marathon 2011, and is the parent group of Taxeis Plataia.

Athens, Greece

Spartiatikes Mores
Athens, Greece
This group is preparing to change its name (to Leonidas) and website.  New contact information as soon as I get it.

Last but not least:
The umbrella group formed by participants of Marathon 2011, Amphictyonia exists to provide unified planning and representation when multiple groups come together to stage major events.  Additional links to groups around the world may be found here.

Other useful links:
Sword Forum International
Two great sites for the discussion of arms and armor.

Roman Army Talk
While the main site is focused on Rome, RAT is one of the big Internet hubs for reenactors of all ancient periods.

Hellenic Armors
The exclusive armorer for Koryvantes (above).  Greek-style armor is appropriate for Iranians at least some of the time, and of course Ionians and Greek mercenaries in Persian service.

Next up:  Belts.

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