Friday, June 1, 2012

Putting it all together

This is a recap of required items for the male Pesian or Mede costume.  You'll need all the following items:

●  Sleeved tunic.
●  Close-fitted trousers, preferably footed.
●  Fabric belt long enough to be tied in a square knot with substantial (at least five-inch/13cm) hanging ends, in wool or linen if you can find it.  Cotton is acceptable if you can't find anything else.
●  Ankle boots.
●  Tiara or domed cap.  Tiara may be either wool felt or linen, must be soft enough that the peak will lay to one side.
●  Drawstring bag(s).
●  Leather or leather-covered water bottle.

Additionally, you'll need at least one of the following stands-of-arms:

●  Scythian or Assyrian bow.
●  At least 12 safety arrows and at least 12 sharp arrows spined for your bow, with natural feather fletchings.  Shafts should be wood or reed on sharp arrows and fiberglass tape-wrapped wood on safety ones.  I'll list approved sources for sharp and blunt points as I can find them out (for sharps, Neil Burridge and Manning Imperial are ideal if you can afford them), and the flu-flu versus untrimmed fletching issue when it's settled at Amphictyonia.
●  Gorytos with cover, that can hold the bow and 12 arrows, or shoulder quiver that can hold 12 arrows.
●  Leather weapon belt with single round iron/steel or bronze/brass button with optional flower design.

●  Spear.  A hame ball would appear to be the most accurate-looking counterweight but you can use any brass or bronze finial of appropriate size and shape.
●  Spear as above but with safety head.
●  Crescent or preferably rectangular shield.

●  Two or more javelins.
●  Crescent shield.

You are additionally encouraged to bring as much as possible of the following:
●  Akinakes with scabbard.
●  Kopis with scabbard.
●  Akinakes or kopis with steel safety blade, and own scabbard if it won't fit into the sharp one's.
●  Sagaris.
●  Weapons belt to hold the above (if you're not already bringing one).
●  Scale shirt.
●  Tube-and-yoke corslet.
●  Kandys.
●  Extra arrow components for field repair or replacement, wooden dowels for shields, wrenches or other tools for tightening loose tangs on swords, epoxy or arrow glue for loose components on weapons, and leather laces for a variety of applications.
●  Extra clothing and equipment, including for Greek or other c. 500 BC East Mediterranean impression.

Next up:  Getting it all there.

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