Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Possible arrowheads for your Neo-Assyrian impression

While I'm still investigating whether Assyrians served as archers in the Persian military, archaeological findings from the early Iron Age are sufficient to give us an idea of what their arrowheads should look like.  The Israel Antiquities Authority has a catalogue of findings, mostly from Lachish (they continue on page 11) that indicate Mesopotamian arrowheads from this period were iron, tanged, leaf-shaped (or occasionally kite) and considerably larger than the Persian-Scythian bronze types.

Some were elongated and proportionally narrow.  Others, such as this fairly well-preserved example, were shorter.  This one and ones like it find a surprisingly close match in Mediaeval arrowheads made, I think, by Deepeeka.  By the Sword, Inc. carries models AH-3522.14 and AH-3422.24.  I've e-mailed the distributor and learned that the blades are about two inches/51mm long, which is an acceptable size.  They're not cheap but, all things considered, they should work very well.

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