Thursday, January 24, 2013

Recursive resourcing

I noticed a spike in traffic here from Fémkeresők Fóruma, a Hungarian-language forum.  This appears to be because forum member guny made use of my April 2012 article I'll show you where you can stick your bow when illustrating a point about the gorytos belt attachment in Re: Múzeumokkal, régészekkel való együttműködés.

First of all, thank you, guny, for the traffic boost.

Moreover, I'd like readers coming here from elsewhere to check out the post because the third link shows another possible type of belt attachment.  This one is a separate (metal?) piece with loops on the back for the thong to go through.  While I'm not familiar with the source and can't say whether this is the definitive method we should use, it is definitely on the table.

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